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Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm writing this post while listening to Eminem's new album and oh my goodness my Eminem obsession is back. I need to buy that friggen album. 

Anyways these photos were taken on Saturday (by my sis) when we went to my moms friends beauty salon and I thought I'd wear something nice and comfortable. Even though it wasn't so cold I took my coat with me and it kept me really warm. I got it before winter came along because I didn't want to freeze this year but a fortune was paid for it since it was new season lol. But the rest of the things were bought at the sale this month, yay! I have been wanting tights with cool prints for a while now and when I saw these with the houndstooth print I fell in love. I knew that they were pretty fashionable at the moment and that it would look amazing with everything. I actually don't like wearing short things on top of tights and since I wore this white jumper which was given to me by my sister I had to wear something longer on top. So I chose this knit sweater which seemed to be the perfect length. I actually put this whole outfit together so I could wear my new shoes that I have been eyeing for ages in Tally Weijl and finally got them at the sale. They are so pretty, comfortable and my first high-heeled boots :)

Coat: Bershka   Knit Sweater: LCW   White Jumper: Zara   Tights: Stradivarius   Shoes: Tally Weijl

Collection: Life Magazine 1960s Issues 31-40

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This time I decided not to have such a long time in between this Life Magazine posts so here it is. I kept the writing to a minimum as always because it is picture heavy. I just hope these are some sort of inspiration to people who are waiting to be inspired :)
Summer and Elegance: These are simple yet very chic, my fave is Nina Ricci.
Knit Winter Wear: Mon dieu! I really love photo C, and I would totally knit myself that if I was capable of doing such things lol.
End Of Summer Fashion: It's either Menko or Hermes (the first and second photo on the bottom) for me. While Hermes is more of a housewife look, the Menko one is more suitable for work or other places.
Morning-Night Gowns: The mini one is so cute!
1960's Autumn: I don't really have much to say about this page but I do have to say this.. it is so funny the way the model in the middle photo is standing, it made me smile.
1960-1960 Winter and Autumn Fashion: First photo in the top right corner is really cool. I would totally wear that back in the time lol. By the way I'm really loving the whole gossiping photo in the middle where all the ladies are wearing light colors.
Specialty of the New Season: Okay so what is with the way the first woman is standing ahaha. Can't stop wondering this, really. Anyways really loving the Dior jacket and dress suit right next to that one. So cute.
Autumn-Winer Essentials from Tailors of London: Loving th gowns of Princess Mergaret's tailor. Looks very well made.. for a princess.
Hair, Hat and Shoe Models: I don't like the hats or the shoes but I'm loving the Dessange hair style. It's more like modern Jennifer Lawrence.
Bolero (Chemisette): B and D are my faves. I'm not really a bolero girl but these two are very lovely.

If we're only ever looking back, we'll drive ourselves insane.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hey guys! I have been very busy with finals as it was all squeezed in one week and it was pretty intense but now that thats over I can enjoy my very long vacation of a month and a half (estimated). During this time my goal is to blog more and hopefully I'll succeed. Sometimes I can't blog because I have no clue what to blog about but I'll do my best, I promise. I bought these two shirts from h&m. I thought both were on sale but turns out only the striped one was and I only realized that after we paid for everything. I actually felt bad about it because these types of shirts go on sale after a while and I get extremely annoyed seeing things on sale that I paid full price for. But my sister who bought them for me convinced me that it was worth it :) During the winter I don't wear skirts because I get too cold so I usually style my shirts with jeans but I could not resist to combine my velvet skirt with these two shirts. I love the end result as both looks are very me. Which one do you like best?
Shirts: H&M          Skirt: Let Them Stare          Necklace: Gift

You Better Be Good 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's my second year setting up goals for myself and I sure hope I do better this time. 

Read 15 Books: I read 14. That counts right? 
Get Out More: I did not do good for this one. I was basically home all the time even though I was doing better at it before Summer came along and everyone left.
Pass All Classes: Well finals start on Monday and we'll see if I accomplish this one.
Add 2 New Cameras to Collection: This one I pretty much doubled! I added 4 new cameras and I'm absolutely thrilled. They all came from family members who are well aware of my love of photography. 
Press More Plants: I pressed more than I did during 2012 but not as much as I wanted to.
Shoot Film: This is one of those goals I failed at miserably. I shot only about 5-6 rolls, which is a dissapointment. Grr.
Organize My Mothers Stamp Collection: I did this one recently and I'm so happy about it. Who knew it was that hard to find a friggen stamp album?!
Finish Re-decorating My Room: Well my sister and I share the room so it's not mine but we came really close to finishing. We only have a bit left to do.

2014 Goals
Read 15 Books: Since I only read 14 this year I'm going to give this another try. 
Get a Record Player: I already have a record collection which happened this year but I can't listen to them because I don't have a player. 
Add 2 New Cameras To Collection: Its weird because my dad already got me one today, even though he got me the same model. So now I only have one more to go.
Put Up Paintings: The walls in our house are empty and I really want to decorate it with lovely paintings and photographs. 
Shoot Film: Well hello there, I'll try this one again.
Blog More: I've already started blogging more but I want it to be a lot more.
Overcome Fears: Everyone has fears and I have my own. I just want to leave a couple of them behind this year.

♡ And as always my goals include being happy and healthy. And I wish this upon everyone