Photo an Hour // Birthday Adventure 14.05.2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

10:30 / On the way to Şile. Passing through Bosphorus bridge.
11:30 / Made it to our destination and started exploring.
12:30 / The Lighthouse of Şile is quite popular. Made in the 18th century and still in use today.
13:30 / Took photos of the lighthouse from a far away spot and also checked out the castle.
15:30 / On our way back we stopped by Saklıgöl (Hidden Lake). Since the heat was unbearable we only looked around for a short time. Lake photos didn't come out as I wanted so I chose this one of the cabin in the woods.
16:30 / On the road back, going through a tunnel.
17:30 / My mom enoying the view of Istanbul while taking the ferry across to the European side.
18:30 / Passing the Galata Bridge. Always crowded with people.
19:30 / After eating dinner at the Sultan Ahmet area we decided to walk around a bit.
It has been so long guys and I am so sorry. These photos have been waiting in my folder for the longest time as you can see by date they were taken on. Life is a bit crazy right now both in my life and in the country. I want to get back to blogging and take my mind off of everything negative. I hope I can do that. Thank you for always being around!

Elif x

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  1. Wow I can't believe how blue that water is, it's so beautiful!! I hope you had an amazing birthday! :)